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Big Pasture Schools Safe Return to Learn Plan

Posted Date: 11/29/2022

Big Pasture Schools Safe Return to Learn Plan

Big Pasture Schools are planning to return to school in a traditional, all in person, academic school day format on August 12, 2021. Please be rest assured that the continuing progress and educational needs of our students and families that are unique to the Big Pasture Community will continue to be addressed as we enter into a new school year. The safety and well being of our students are always at the forefront in order for them to be able to learn in the most positive, conducive environment possible. The guiding principals that are reflected in this plan are our highest priorities in educating our children. These priorities include: Health and Safety Continuous Learning and Progression Social and Emotional Needs Learning Loss



Face shields and masks not required.

Signage and reminders for handwashing guidelines will continue to be posted throughout the classrooms, halls, and restrooms.

Sanitizing products will be available to students and staff.

Social Distancing will still be used as a safeguard when feasible to help mitigate any Covid-19 issues.

Staff will continue to disinfect their own workspace and classroom giving special attention to commonly touched surfaces.

Students will continue use their own school supplies and share as little as possible.

Students will be encouraged to use water fountains to fill up water bottles.

Upon reopening, our schools will have been cleaned and disinfected and will continue to adhere to a cleaning schedule, as well as, all necessary safety precautions.

Any Covid-19 case and related contact tracing within our district will be coordinated with the Cotton County Health Department and/or any other appropriate agencies.

Diagnosis and screening will not be done systematically, but symptomatically in the classrooms, cafeteria, and/or office. Temperatures and symptoms will be gauged in order to determine whether a student or teacher may return to the classroom, be dismissed for the day, or will require a doctor’s release in order to return to school.

Information of locations of vaccination sites will be provided for community members seeking the Covid-19 Vaccine.

We will continue to monitor the number of cases in Cotton County through the Oklahoma State Health Department, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State Department of Education (SDE), and OSSAA.

Continuous Learning and Progression

Ensure time for teachers and paraprofessionals to effectively support student learning.

Staff member(s), materials, programs, and technology to ensure that learning “gaps” continue to be filled as we progress through the school year.

Research based interventions will be used to address gaps in learning.

Help provide stability and routines for students, families, and teachers in support of student learning. Social and Emotional Needs

Resuming all extra-curricular activities in the traditional manner.

Implementing programs that will support social and emotional wellbeing.

Resuming peer leadership programs

Implementing student lead programs

Child Nutrition Program will continue to be free next year.

Ensuring that EVERY student, including those disproportionately impacted by Covid-19, is benefiting from the implementations and interventions implemented by Big Pasture Schools. Possible Learning Loss Activities

Summer Library Program

Summer School

After school tutorial program